Lost Pet Finding Network

Lost Pet Finding Network openlink1

The Lost Pet Finding Network is a site written in PHP that has one use. It allows pet lovers to register with the site and add details of pets. It also allows you to set your location where you live.

When someone within range of you marks a pet as missing it emails everyone in range of where the pet was marked as missing. The idea is simple, Everyone in range gets an alert by email with the details so can look out for the missing pet. With so many people with smart devices and always connected services the aim was to make a system that if enough people registered when a pet went missing everyone could look out of a window and enough people in the area would find the pet as all area around the location the pet was missing would be checked within minutes.

The system itself works flawlessly and is actively used by 1000’s of people all over the world but with the network so small right now the aim has not let been reached.