About Me

My Name is Anthony and I’m currently working as a System Engineer.

Many years ago I started to get interested in computers and how things worked. This left many things in lots of pieces never to work again but with everything I broke I learned more. Now I have a mindset that drives me to learn things. This mindset has been some of my greatest strengths and also my weakness. If someone tells me something I can’t do it or asks if it’s possible I tend to say no not possible as I do not know how to do what they ask but I’ll then go and find out a way of completing the task. This drives people i work with crazy at times as they ask me if something can be done and hours or days later I’ve done it because I had to learn how to.

In my current job I’ve learned more about networking and programming than I ever could of at school.
My current project at work is aimed largely at a database system that collects all the data from everything we do to give reports and metrics to managers. This is based on PHP and MsSQL and has been connected very closely with other parts of our systems. For example, usernames are created automatically and staff can log in to reset student’s passwords.

Currently, the charity has 3 centers with 2 more planned in the next 4 years.

I currently also own my own company that offers IT and technical services but this has been put a little on the back burner with my full-time work taking priority.

In my free time, I like to play games and just relax in front of the TV watching movies. Netflix and Amazon prime of course.