My Ads/Sponsor S**t List

If like me you are sick of seeing the same ads repeated over and over again I’m sure you will like this list.
This is a personal list of products, services, and companies that I’ll never use because I’m already sick of hearing or seeing ads from them.
My new rule. If I need services I’ll google for it or check my LinkedIn for someone offering it. If however, I’ve got sick of hearing about you from ads online or you added me to some social media just to spam message me with your services you are already at the bottom of my pile.

Before I start today’s post is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends!

  • Surfshark VPN
    (as a 2-year user of this VPN I will not be renewing I’m already sick of seeing it in youtube videos)
  • Raid Shadow Legends
  • SkillShare
  • Honey
  • Dashlane
  • CompCity Giveaways

So, if you are a company reading this and are wondering how to sell to me its simple, Add me on LinkedIn. Do not tell me what you do or well. If you’re doing your job well on LinkedIn I’ll find you when I need you.